Pepsi Refresh Contest

The Humane Society of the United States is competing in the Pepsi Refresh Contest to help animals who are victims of extreme cruelty. This project that Pepsi is holding gives voters a chance to decide what cause they think is most deserving of these funds. If the Humane Society were to win, they could be granted $250,000 to use in rescuing animals who are suffering from abuse, neglect, and animal fighting.

Every day, dogs, cats and horses suffer from life-threatening neglect. They are left to endure extreme deprivation, without care from the people they depend on the most—often struggling against death every day. -US Humane Society

This quote from the Humane Society shows just how pertinant it is that the issue of animal abuse and neglect is brought to the public eye and the Pepsi Refresh contest is doing just this. I have seen numerous facebook statuses and twitter posts regarding various projects in the running for funds. This is such a great opportunity for advocates to get their messages out and pull for whatever cause they feel is most deserving.

I believe that the Humane Society is definitely worthy of these funds as it will not only raise awareness for their caue but also help thousands of animals across the United States.

 Vote to enable the rescue of more than 2,000 dogs and cats from their cruel situations so that they can be placed in forever, loving homes. Please vote today!

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