Before Owning a Pet…

It is a fact that abandonment and neglect are the two most common forms of animal abuse in the US. It breaks my heard to hear this and come to terms with the fact that there are a disturbing amount of people in our world who don’t properly care for their pets. Or animals in general, for that matter.
Because of this, countless animals end up without homes, and if they’re lucky may end up in an animal shelter with the chance of being adopted. But many animals aren’t so lucky, and unfortunately many end up on the streets.
These facts are clear evidence on the inherent importance of spaying and neutering your animals. Overcrowding is a huge issue in animal shelters and sadly many animals are killed in these institutions because of the severe crowding. Further, if animals are on the streets without being spaying or neutered they will on;ly create more animals which will end up on the streets as well.
This sad cycle can only be stopped if dog-owners get informed and realize the importance of not only spaying and neutering their pets, but also only buying an animal if they are 100% sure that they want to invest time and give the animal the love and the care that they deserve. They should only get a pet if they know for a fact that they will not abandon it and that it will have a loving home for the rest of its life.

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