Awareness Is Everything

I will be the first to admit that I love meat. However; supporting animal rights is still something that am very passionate about. So does it make me a hypocrite that I thoroughly enjoy biting into a juicy burger every once in a while and get super excited about the nights when my dad grills his “famous” maple-syrup and brown sugar encrusted salmon? Am I not truly a supporter of animal rights because of the fact that I’m not vegetarian or vegan? Perhaps later in my life I will adopt one of these principles, but for now, I believe that I have every right to eat meat, while still being considered a legitimate advocate for the well-being of animals. It is awareness of the issues that is the catalyst for change, so I hope to spread this awareness as much as possible.

It really comes down to how the animals are being treated at farms and this is why I am not in support of the intense industrialization of the farming industry. As I mentioned in my last post, Stonyfield Farms is a great example of a company that maintains healthy living conditions for all of its animals. While this institution doesn’t have a need to slaughter animals because they produce only dairy products, it is a reality that animals will always be used for meat products. Because of this, I believe that more funds should be given to local farms who are not highly industrialized and who strive to treat their animals in a humane way.

I believe that the intense industrialization of our food industry has created a strong need for awareness. The entire world becoming vegetarian isn’t a reality so this awareness needs to create a pull for local farms.

When researching this topic I also discovered another great organization called Farm Sanctuary, which was started by Gene Baur. He advocates for sick or abused animals to be rescued from industrialized farms. His sanctuary offers a safe haven for these victims of factory farming and is the worlds largest rescue and refuge network for farm animals. Baur’s goal is to “change [America’s] hearts and minds about animals and food.” More awareness should be created for this great organization and the huge subsidies that support industrialized farming systems should be directed more towards local farms.

The awareness of the issues and abuse that is going on in factory farms is inherently important. With this awareness, change can be made, and this change will create a healthier and happier America, for us and our animals.

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One Response to Awareness Is Everything

  1. Mark says:

    No burgers for me – the more I learn about cattle treatment and meat processing the more “distasteful” the burger or meat. Tonight – salmon (wild) on the grill. Ummm good!

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