Is Your Food Humane?

This summer I took an anthropology course and we watched the movie Food Inc. which describes the condition of America’s food industry and how it has become so mass-produced and mechanized. It was very eye-opening to see such a behind the scenes view of this monopolistic industry. Everything from our corn to our meat seems to come from one or two huge corporations which stomp on local farms who don’t stand a chance in competing. It’s sad, but we do have a whole world to feed. But there has to be a better way right?

The most disturbing images from this film were the shots of the chicken coops. One farmer working for an undisclosed industrial food giant opened the doors to her farm and showed her chickens being raised in total darkness with absolutely no room to walk and being feed obscene amounts of hormones. The cattle and pig farms were even worse and the slaughterhouse images were like a real like nightmare.

This is a reality in America today and we may be heading down an irreversible path of mechanized farming and animal abuse in order to feed the billions of people on our planet. After watching this film I immediately wanted to seek out companies in which these inhumane tactics are not used. Stonyfield farms is a large company that produces organic yogurt and dairy products and they are a uniquely humane and well-maintained corporation that places a focus on the humane treatment of their dairy cows. I find this extremely reassuring and comforting that there are still thriving farms out there who refuse to fall into the trap of overly mass-produced food and inhumane treatment of animals. I encourage you all to purchase Stonyfield products and seek out other companies who posses the same values that they do. One yogurt purchase is a small step, but it could make a huge difference in the long run for the well-being of our animals. Moooo 🙂

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2 Responses to Is Your Food Humane?

  1. Mark says:

    Great blog and commentary on our food supply/system. Also, thanks for the link to Stoneybrook Farms. I, like you, am always looking for better (more humane and organic) outlets for my food sources.

  2. Lisa says:

    Amen sister!

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